NVIDIA GF100 Technology

Next Level Performance

PC Gamers and technology enthusiasts worldwide have demanded faster graphics cards, with new features. Over ten years ago, GeForce 256 enabled hardware T&L, GeForce 3 introduced programmable shading, GeForce FX provided 32 bit floating point precision. In 2006, GeForce 8 then introduced a unified DirectX 10 architecture. Each GPU has brought exciting new features and huge performance leaps over previous generations.

Now, with the EVGA GTX 480/470 based on the GF100 architecture, we are closer to reality in games than ever before. Full DirectX 11 support includes tessellation and DirectCompute, NVIDIA PhysX technology brings a whole new dimension to gaming, NVIDIA 3D Vision provides for immersive eye popping visuals, and NVIDIA Surround gives you an ultimate "inside the game" feeling.

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DirectX 11 Tessellation

Even the latest and greatest games, sometimes need to make compromises in graphics settings. Have you ever seen a character’s head that looks pointy? How about a wheel that isn’t round? Perhaps you have seen mountains that resemble triangles more than curved mountaintops?

Tessellation On Tessellation Off

With DirectX 11 Tessellation, these problems are solved. The tessellator produces the correct geometric complexity for a specific scene, so say goodbye to blocky character heads and pointy objects that would normally be rounded. Developers can now create complicated looking models and surfaces with relative ease.


Creating an unbelievable 3D experience comprises of more than just textures and geometry. Physics, Artifical Intelligence and Ray Tracing all play a huge role in creating an immersive experiencing. The GF100 architecture is better suited to solving parallel problems such as these, and in games that use both DirectCompute and Direct3D API’s, the GF100 GPU is able to reduce the context switching down to about 20 microcenters, which means much better performance!

Next generation games will demand much more than just fast rendering of triangles and pixels—they will require the GPU to compute physics, simulate artificial intelligence, and render advanced cinematic effects. These demands are all met by the next generation NVIDIA® CUDA architecture in GF100 GPUs.
  • Real Time Physics
    Real Time Physics
    The GF100 compute architecture was designed to take NVIDIA® PhysX® technology to the next level...
  • Cinematic Effects
    Advanced Cinematic Effects
    The next generation CUDA architecture accelerates advanced gaming effects for crisper, more realistic visuals...
  • Ray Tracing
    Ray tracing: the future of gaming
    GF100 brings interactive ray tracing to the consumer market for the first time, providing a glimpse into the future...

NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround

With NVIDIA 3D Vision you can create the most immersive gaming experience possible. With the ability to span a 3D application to 3 monitors, you can go from what was considered high resolution in the past; 2560x1600, to a whopping 5760x1080. This makes for a full surround experience. And when combined with NVIDIA 3D Vision it creates an unbelievable gaming experience!

3D Vision Surround

In addition, Bezel Correction means that a more continuous image is created, providing a more realistic experience.

A Landmark for Graphics Performance

The above is just a small sample of some of the innovative features on the EVGA GTX 480/470 graphics cards. These cards based on NVIDIA GF100 technology are sure to go down in history as landmark, and will mark the beginning of new and exciting applications for PC gamers worldwide.


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