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EVGA Awards Categories


XR1 PRO - Back to top


- EposVox

"Latency of about 58ms, which is incredibly fast for a USB capture card. Huge kudos to EVGA there."

XR1 Lite - Back to top


Great Value / Editor's Choice - TechPowerUp

"The EVGA XR1 lite is the capture card that many of us dreamed about for years: inexpensive, completely plug-and-play, and fully capable of uncompressed 1080p@60 FPS video capture, as well as 4K@60 FPS passthrough."

EVGA Z690 DARK K|NGP|N - Back to top


- JayzTwoCents

"By putting all the power next to each other, you get a shorter, cleaner trace to the socket, not to mention it looks neater too."
Tom's Hardware

Four Stars - Tom's Hardware

"We like what EVGA brought to the table with the Z690 Dark Kingpin. There's something for everyone, from the all-black styling to the slew of overclocking/monitoring features. The Z690 Dark has plenty of storage options, including eight SATA ports, three M.2 sockets, fast networking with dual 2.5 GbE and integrated Wi-Fi 6E, and last-gen flagship-class audio."

EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED - Back to top


High End - Madshrimps

"The Z690 CLASSIFIED motherboard from EVGA is a fine example on how a high-quality mainstream to enthusiast board should look and be equipped, if money is not the main concern when building a system. It comes with a solid 10-layer PCB, a 19-phase VRM in order to handle overclocks, plenty expansion slots for both VGA/sound cards/other but also for M.2 storage, no less thank two 2.5Gbps LAN interfaces, a very well built audio interface which incorporates the proven Realtek ALC1220, integrated WiFi 6E via Intel’s AX211 adapter, dedicated voltage measuring points, a four-digit display for detecting init faults, which also doubles as a CPU temperature display, many PWM headers for system fans but also pumps and more…"

EVGA X12 Gaming Mouse - Back to top


Highly Recommended - TechPowerUp

"At $49.99, the X12 would already be competitively priced if it were a simple 1000 Hz mouse, but coupled with an additional LOD sensor and true 8000 Hz polling, value for money is virtually unmatched. In fact, the X12 is even on sale quite frequently, which makes the value proposition an even more favorable one."

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 ULTRA - Back to top


- GamersNexus

"The card from EVGA is well built."

- JayZTwoCents

"They have made changes physically that I am happy with. I am extremely happy that this is probably one of the most solid brackets I have seen on a graphics card yet. The backplate is the thickest I've seen on any graphics card ever. Which is another reason why it is perfectly level."

- RobeyTech

"The other good thing about the 3090 Ti from EVGA, is that we get all of the other features that I love about this card, the 3 BIOS’s for difference fan curves, and an onboard fan header which is great for cases that have fan setups that can directly cool the GPU."

- TechPowerUp

"EVGA is bundling the "eLeash" for free with the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Ultra. It's such an amazing simple, ingenious idea. Instead of trying to support your graphics card from the bottom, you suspend it."

EVGA GeForce RTX 3050 XC BLACK - Back to top


Gamers Choice - eTeknix

"Plus, at just 62C, it was one of the coolest we’ve tested, so those fans are clearly doing a great job."

Highly Recommended - TechPowerUp

"EVGA's GeForce RTX 3050 XC Black is a highly compact version of the RTX 3050 that ticks at baseline specs. Visually, I like what EVGA has done with the card; the different surface textures combine nicely to create a high-quality product."
PC World

- PC World

"Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3050 delivers great 1080p gaming performance with modern features, including capable ray tracing chops and DLSS."

- Techgage

"NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3050 packs a nice punch, especially if you compare it to other current-gen GPUs of around the same price-point."

Value - Neoseeker

"The sample at hand excels at its target 1080p gaming, and by harnessing the power of DLSS, the EVGA GeForce RTX 3050 XC Black Gaming turns into a mini powerhouse, fully capable of running AAA titles at 60+ FPS at 1440p resolution."

Recommended - LanOC

"I still love the blacked-out design of the card and even without a backplate it still ends up looking extremely clean."
Hot Hardware

Recommended - Hot Hardware

"The card offers plenty of performance for its target audience, it’s overclockable, it runs cools and quiet, and it doesn’t lack feature support relative to its higher-end counterparts in the RTX 30-series."
Gaming Trend

- Gaming Trend

"In terms of performance, it manages to deliver solid performance at 1080p across the board, even on the newest of titles like God of War."

- Engadget

"During my testing, the EVGA RTX 3050 XC Black GPU was able tackle every game I threw at it in 1080p, even when I cranked up the graphics settings all the way up."
Digital Trends

Recommended Product - Digital Trends

"The RTX 3050 is a graphics card that wins by default."