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**The First EVGA Score snapshot will occur on 1/12/2022 at 9AM PST**

The EVGA Queue 3.0 Introduction

The EVGA Queue System is designed to allow users to sign up to be notified when a product they want is available for purchase. In Queue 2.0, purchase order was determined by the date and time users signed up to be notified.

How is EVGA Queue 3.0 Different?

EVGA Queue 3.0 system rewards loyal EVGA customers, while still giving new customers an opportunity to purchase. In Queue 3.0, your queue position will be determined first by EVGA Score, then by the date/time of notification sign-up, and lastly by whether the user has already purchased a current series graphics card from

In Summary:

  • All customers must have an EVGA account to sign up for a notification.
  • Customers may have up to 2 VGA notifications at a time.
  • VGA notifications are limited to 1 per GPU chipset.
  • Non-VGA product notifications are not limited by chipset or number.
  • New launches will have 24-hour EVGA ELITE exclusivity.
  • Queue order is fluid and will be based on a number of factors, not just time/date of the notification.
  • EVGA Scores will be updated at the beginning of every month.
  • Customers will receive an email notification when reaching the top of the queue.
  • Customers will have 24 hours to purchase via the direct link in the email.

Who is Eligible To Sign Up for the Queue?

All users with a valid EVGA account may participate in the queue. As with the current queue, there are some limitations:

  • Users must sign in to their EVGA Account. If you do not have an EVGA Account, please Sign Up here:
  • Users must sign up for notifications on their regional Store website (e.g.,,
    • Notifications are only valid for their respective Store.

What EVGA Products Will Use Queue 3.0?

All newly-released, highly anticipated products in 2022 and beyond will use the Queue 3.0 system.

  • Queue 3.0 will be used for all graphics card notifications made after the Queue 3.0 launch.
    • Recertified (-RX or -RL) products do not use the EVGA Auto-Notify Queue, and continue to be first-come, first-served.
  • Queue 3.0 will also be used for all new non-graphics card notifications made after the Queue 3.0 launch, but will not have the same Notification or Purchase limitations as graphics card products.

I still have Active Notifications from your Queue 2.0 changes. What happens to them?

Products in queue prior to 2022 will still be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are not part of the Queue 3.0 ruleset. You may purchase a product from either or both of your notifications signed up from Queue 2.0 or earlier.

If you remove one or both of your active notifications, your next notify will be subject to the Queue 3.0 rules.

Please note that it is highly recommended to remove all inactive VGA notifications from your account before removing active notifications. Notifications that have been removed by user or are currently marked inactive cannot be made active again.

How Does the New Queue 3.0 System Work?

The Queue 3.0 System can be explained by sign up priority on launch day, the EVGA Notification Queue process, the Queue Order, sending out purchase notifications, and the purchase process.

EVGA New Product Launch:

For every product that will have a Queue, the first 24 hours will be open to EVGA ELITE Members exclusively. After the first 24 hours from the time the product goes live, all EVGA accounts will be able to sign up for a notification.

For more information about the EVGA ELITE Program, please visit here:

EVGA Notifications:

When a new product launches, you will make your way to the product page of the product you want. Once there, you can click the Auto-Notify button, follow the instructions, and sign up to be notified when your queue position hits the top. However, there are limitations to how many notifications you may have at one time.

  • Due to high demand and limited quantities of graphics cards, graphics card notifications will be limited to two per person.
    • Customers may delete or change their notifications at any time, but their queue positions will reset to the date and time of their new notifications.
  • EVGA members will be limited to one notification per GPU chipset, or class.
    • e.g. You may have a notification for an RTX 3080 model and an RTX 3080 Ti model, but you may not have two notifications for different RTX 3080 models.
  • The Graphics Card notification queue is separate from all other products.

EVGA Queue 3.0 Order:

EVGA Queue 3.0 uses many different factors to establish the queue order. This promotes several goals and requests from the EVGA Community, including: Giving greater priority to loyal customers, making more cards available to customers that are hoping to upgrade, yet without closing off the possibility for new customers to obtain a new card.

The order is made up of the following factors:

  1. EVGA Score and Score Tiers – This score signifies the value of your registered EVGA products, lifetime EVGA Bucks earned, and Blue Ribbons from participating on the forums.
    • EVGA Score can be seen on the My EVGA page.
    • Customers will be sorted into multiple tiers, based on EVGA Score.
    • EVGA Scores are updated on the first of every month, which may move some members up or down a tier.
  2. Time/Date of your notification – Date of your notification is used as a tie-breaker between customers with the same EVGA Score.
  3. 30 Series purchase status – Customers who have purchased a 30 Series product from will be deprioritized in the VGA queue, and will become eligible to purchase their VGA notify product(s) after others in their tier purchase a 30 Series product.*
    • Non-VGA notification queues are not affected by this requirement.
  4. EVGA ELITE Status – Some products will be available only to EVGA ELITE members.
    • Becoming an EVGA ELITE Member will give you access to sign up for a notification for the first 24 hours after a product is released, subject to EVGA’s discretion.

*To celebrate EVGA Queue 3.0, the users with the 300 highest EVGA Scores will be exempt from this requirement for select future launches, beginning with the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB. These users may sign up for a notification and proceed without being deprioritized for a previous 30 Series purchase from This offer is only good for one product/notification queue, and once the product is purchased it may not be used again.

Notification Process:

Notifications will be sent out utilizing the Queue Order outlined above, and staggered based on EVGA Score Tiers. To give everyone a chance to purchase a product, each batch of notifications will include customers from each tier, with a heavier weight given to customers with higher EVGA Scores.

Purchase Process:

When customers receive the email notification that the product is available for purchase, the purchase process only requires this:

  • Click the direct purchase link in the email.
  • Sign into your EVGA account if prompted.
  • Enter the SMS or email verification code when prompted.
  • You should now be in your cart, with the product available for purchase.
  • Please verify your address and other information, and complete your purchase.

EVGA Score:

The EVGA Score is at the heart of the Queue 3.0 System. This score, in many ways, is designed to reward customer loyalty, customer participation, and customer contribution to EVGA and its Community.

The EVGA Score is comprised of three main factors – EVGA purchases, lifetime EVGA Bucks earned, and EVGA Blue Ribbons earned on the EVGA Forum.

EVGA Purchases:

Purchase EVGA products from an authorized reseller to raise your score. The point value for each product depends on the product category and part number of each additional EVGA product you successfully register to your account:

  • VGA:
    • Graphics Card products earn you points based on the GPU model you own.
    • Points increase with newer and higher-end products in the 30 Series, 20 Series, and 16 Series families. 10 Series and older receive a reduced amount of points.
  • PSU:
    • Power Supply products earn you points based on the wattage and efficiency.
    • Points increase with a higher wattage and higher efficiency.
  • Other Products:
    • Motherboards, keyboards and mice, CLC coolers, capture devices, and other product categories all provide various levels of points. Please note that legacy and end-of-life products may not count towards your EVGA Score.
  • Requirements:
    • To earn EVGA points, the product must be purchased through an authorized reseller and registered to the account of the original purchaser.
    • Registered products require an invoice to count for an EVGA Score, unless the product is purchased from
    • Only six registered products per product category will count. The EVGA Score will automatically select the highest score among registered products.
    • Points from registered products count for three years from the date of purchase.
      • Falsifying your purchase date or place of purchase to improve your EVGA Score may result in your notifications being cancelled and/or purchase order cancelled.
    • If a serial number has been registered multiple times, only the first registered owner who uploads an invoice will receive credit for the product.
    • Recertified products, second-hand products, and products that cannot be verified with a proof-of-purchase will not count towards your EVGA Score.
    • Products received from RMA will not count towards your EVGA Score; instead, the original purchase product will be used towards the EVGA Score.
    • Step-Up products will not count towards your EVGA Score; instead, the card that was stepped-up from will be used towards the EVGA Score.

EVGA Blue Ribbons:

EVGA Blue Ribbons are given out to helpful members on the EVGA Community Forums and to commemorate post count milestones.

Friendly moderators scour the forum every day to look for members who demonstrate excellence by helping other members, writing helpful tutorials, or provide some other unique service to the community.

For more information about how to earn Blue Ribbons, please see our Forum Introduction thread here:

How to Improve your EVGA Score:

Members can improve their EVGA Score in many ways. Improving your score each month is one way to improve your queue position and sometimes climb up to a new tier. To improve your EVGA Score:

  • Register all your EVGA products. If you’ve been putting this off, now is the time to find those products and get them registered to your account.
  • Participate in the EVGA Community Forums to earn Blue Ribbons. Improve the knowledge and character of the Forums, while waiting for your card in the Notification Queue.

EVGA Scores update on the first of every month.


The EVGA Queue 3.0 is designed to be fair and the best experience to purchase an EVGA product. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, EVGA will review data, user impressions and testimonials to continue to improve this experience. This may lead to fluctuations in point totals, introduce promotions, enact changes designed to improve user experience, fix issues, improve site security, prevent abuse of the Queue 3.0 system, and any other changes deemed necessary, even if it results in unintended consequences. EVGA reserves the right to modify the Queue 3.0 at its discretion, add/remove features, add/remove benefits, and suspend the operation of the Queue 3.0 System should it be deemed necessary.

EVGA Queue 3.0 FAQ

Q. Will the Queue 3.0 make it difficult to purchase a product because I was late to sign up for a notification?

A. If you’ve regularly purchased EVGA products over the years, you participate on the forums, and have earned EVGA Bucks through the Associate Program or participated in the Folding@Home promotion, you will have a respectable enough EVGA Score that you can afford to sign up at any time while there is a notification queue. You will still compete with others that have the same EVGA Score as you by way of the time/date of your notification.

Signing up early is much more important if you just signed up for an EVGA account and you’ve never purchased an EVGA product, or Blue Ribbons. If you are in this category, you should try to sign up as early as possible for a notification. You will be competing with other new accounts without an EVGA score, and you will all compete to see who has the fastest notification date/time.

For those who are somewhere in-between, it would be recommended to sign up for your notification soon after a product goes live, but even so, you will still be ahead of many people in the pursuit of a graphics card.

Q. I have a lot of unregistered products, but I won’t be able to register them all right away. How does this impact my EVGA Score?

A. The first EVGA Score snapshot will occur on January 12, 2022. If you are unable to register your products before this occurs, your score will not update again until February 1, 2022. Please use this opportunity to find and register your EVGA products.

After the scores are updated at the beginning of each month, your position in queue may improve once you’ve added previously unregistered products in accordance with the EVGA Score rules.

Q. Do spent EVGA Bucks still count towards my score?

A. Yes. Although the EVGA Bucks program has ended, EVGA looks at your total amount of EVGA Bucks earned. Spending them does not impact your score.

Q. I purchased a 30 Series product last year. What does deprioritize mean and how does it impact my position in the queue?

A. The EVGA Queue has given many people the opportunity to purchase a 30 Series graphics card, but there are still many people waiting to buy one. To assist, we will allow users in a Tier that have not yet purchased a 30 Series card through to take priority over those who have already purchased a 30 Series graphics card from in the same Tier.

Once everyone in a Tier has purchased a 30 Series card, the queue will begin to move for users that have purchased a 30 Series product through