The EVGA Interview™ Display is redefining today's face to face business interaction. With two displays capable of 1440x900 resolution, along with a 1.3 megapixel webcam and three port USB Hub, the EVGA Interview™ Dual Monitor System is not just another display.

The innovation does not stop there however. Both displays are capable of being rotated independently vertically and horizontally. When the display is flipped 180 degrees vertically, the screen intelligently flips so you can effectively share documents, images, and files with ease. This is the ideal monitor for anyone and everyone who communicates face to face.


Now when sharing information with friends, colleagues or employees, never again will you need to worry about poor viewing angles, knocking over items on your desk as you attempt to rotate your existing display or huddling around a single monitor. The displays rotate smoothly, and auto-flip the image without interruptions, even outside of the operating system!

Of course more displays mean more desktop space, and more desktop space means improved productivity. The two 1440x900 resolution displays can be set up as a clone (same image on both), or a span (extended desktop mode) with a supported graphics card. The revolutionary EVGA Interview™ Display will change the way you interact on a daily basis!


Graphics and multimedia analyst, Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research did a multi-monitor usage study and found an increase in productivity from 50 percent or more. "EVGA now enables in a single system what used to be called a 'partners’ desk, traditionally facilitating teamwork between two executives while facing each other. Now users can flip the EVGA monitor over and both see the same thing. Doctors can use it in a patient-doctor relationship for reviewing X-rays with patients, teachers can use it for one-on-one tutoring, engineers can use it where they want to have a collaborative discussion on a design...and you can use it yourself for having more screen real estate because the more you can see - the more you can do."