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HDMI Dongle must read! (*Please Note* Reimbursement has ended)
Important Notice: HDMI Adapter must read! (*Please Note* Reimbursement has ended)

*Please Note* Reimbursement has ended

Don't compromise to the 2nd, EVGA always strives to deliver THE BEST.

EVGA acknowleges the high demand for HDMI with the latest and greatest GTX 200 Series of cards. The HDMI certified and compliant adapter; ver: -005, (see the pictures below) will be ready for our registered users the week of June 26th for FREE.

If are you are in need of an adapter today, you can sign-up and EVGA will ship you a generic one, but if you are ok to wait till' the week of the June 26th, we will ship you the Certified version.

Certified Adapter

Generic Adapter

*Please Note* Reimbursement has ended


  • Must have your GTX 200 Series product registered with EVGA
  • Valid only for products purchased after June 16th, 2008
  • Only 1 adapter per customer

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