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Introducing the NF44

Introducing the NF44
NVIDIA nForce™4 Micro ATX Form Factor

EVGA is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of high-performance motherboards ... the EVGA NF44!

The Ideal, Affordable Choice - nForce4™ MicroATX Form Factor

The EVGA nForce4 SLI MicroATX Motherboard is built with NVIDIA nForce4™ SLI technology which delivers unbelievable PC performance, supporting the AMD 939 CPU up to Dual-Core, Athlon64 FX and Athlon64, up to 4GB of DDR400 SDRAM in Dual Channel Mode, and features a multitude of I/O connectors including integrated 8 channel audio and Gigabit LAN. The EVGA nForce4 SLI MicroATX Motherboard has dual PCI-Express slots with room for dual slot cards for the ultimate in graphics performance.

The EVGA NF44 motherboard offers a world-class feature set for overall PC performance in the small form factor:

  • Dual Channel DDR up to 4GB
  • 8 Channel Audio
  • X16 PCI-Express (SLI X8)
  • Firewire 1394
  • Gigabit LAN
  • nTune
  • NVidia Firewall
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Onboard reset switch
Designed for the next-generation of games and SLI GPUs
  • The next generation of top games are being designed to exploit all the performance of two x16 GPUs
  • Two, full-bandwidth, 16-lane PCI Express links ensure maximum graphics performance for next-generation GPUs
  • Twice the PCI Express bandwidth of x8 SLI solutions
Maximizes performance for the gaming enthusiast
  • World-class NVIDIA nForce™4 system performance plus two, full-bandwidth, 16-lane SLI links
  • Delivers a performance boost for extreme gamers

  Introducing the NF 44


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