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Double Gear Up!

We know what you want. You want more control, improved overclocking and BIOS recovery. EVGA now has a line of graphics cards featuring Double BIOS™, with these features and more!

A secondary BIOS allows you to experiment with custom BIOSes without risk of breaking the card, and allows easy BIOS recovery with just the flip of a switch. Also, on select cards the secondary BIOS may unlock additional overclocking potential and/or improved fanspeed control!*

Upgrade today and ensure that your EVGA card has Double BIOS™ by selecting one of the below SKUs.

* May require optional BIOS update located at the “My Products>View Details” page. BIOS update will show on qualified parts ONLY. If you have a double BIOS part, and DO NOT see the update, this means the update is already applied!

Switching the BIOS is easy!

  1. Turn off system.
  2. Locate the BIOS selector as indicated.
  3. Switch the BIOS selector to secondary (or third) position.
  4. Boot up the PC.
  5. You are now using the secondary BIOS!
GTX 780/770 Classified
PCB Top Side
GTX 780/770/760
PCB Back Side

See the EVGA products below that feature Double BIOS™

Model Part Number # of BIOS Where To Buy
EVGA GTX 780 Classified HC 03G-P4-3789-KR 2
EVGA GTX 780 Classified 03G-P4-3788-KR 2
EVGA GTX 780 FTW 03G-P4-3784-KR 2
EVGA GTX 780 03G-P4-3783-KR 2
Model Part Number # of BIOS Where To Buy
EVGA GTX 770 Classified HC 04G-P4-3779-KR 3
EVGA GTX 770 Classified 04G-P4-3778-KR 3
EVGA GTX 770 04G-P4-3777-KR 3
EVGA GTX 770 FTW 04G-P4-3776-KR 2
EVGA GTX 770 04G-P4-3775-KR 2 Coming Soon
EVGA GTX 770 SC 04G-P4-3774-KR 2
EVGA GTX 770 04G-P4-3773-KR 2
EVGA GTX 770 SC 02G-P4-2776-KR 2
EVGA GTX 770 02G-P4-2775-KR 2 Coming Soon
Model Part Number # of BIOS Where To Buy
EVGA GTX 760 FTW 04G-P4-3768-KR 2
EVGA GTX 760 04G-P4-3767-KR 2 Coming Soon
EVGA GTX 760 SC 02G-P4-3765-KR 2
EVGA GTX 760 02G-P4-3763-KR 2 Coming Soon

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