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Looking for some additional bling for your rig? You have found the right place.


Introducing the EVGA Pro SLI Bridges.  These bridges are designed to look awesome and connect your SLI enabled EVGA graphics cards together.  If you have GTX 700 or TITAN series graphics cards, the EVGA logo illuminates!

  • Features:
  • Several models that are compatible with 2-Way, 3-Way or 4-Way SLI.
  • EVGA logo illuminates on all GTX TITAN, 780 Ti, 780 and select 770 cards. *
  • Compatible with all SLI enabled graphics cards.
  • Looks awesome!
100-2W-0021-LR 100-3W-0031-LR 100-4W-0041-LR


  • SLI functionality works on all SLI enabled graphics cards.
  • LED functionality works on following cards:
    • All EVGA GTX TITAN cards
    • All EVGA GTX 780 Ti cards
    • All EVGA GTX 780 cards
    • Select EVGA GTX 770 cards:
      • 02G-P4-2770-KR
      • 02G-P4-2771-KR
      • 02G-P4-2773-KR
      • 02G-P4-2774-KR
      • 02G-P4-3770-KR
      • 02G-P4-3771-KR
      • 04G-P4-3773-KR
      • 04G-P4-3774-KR

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