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The EVGA X79 Dark Upgrade Promotion

Are you the owner of an EVGA X79 FTW, EVGA X79 SLI or an EVGA X79 Classified? If so, we have great news! EVGA is excited to announce our EVGA X79 Dark Upgrade Promotion. This promotion allows those whom own one of the select EVGA X79 products to upgrade to our latest motherboard, the EVGA X79 Dark with a scalable fee based on the model of your current EVGA X79 Motherboard.

How do you claim your X79 Dark Upgrade?

  1. Make sure you are logged into your EVGA account
  2. Click the checkbox next to your qualifying product and click the "Request" button
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that we received your request
  4. A valid invoice for your current EVGA X79 motherboard is required for upgrade. Make sure your invoice is uploaded at to ensure a smooth upgrade process
  5. Once our X79 Dark boards begin shipping, we will send an email with instructions on how to process your upgrade
  6. Ship in your current eligible X79 Motherboard upon EVGA approval
    1. Must include both the Motherboard and the IO shield
    2. If your IO shield is not present, there will be a $10 fee applied
  7. If the board is not in working condition or has physical damage, the upgrade will be rejected or additional fees may apply
EVGA X79 Classified 151-SE-E779- $150.00 USD
EVGA X79 FTW 151-SE-E777- $200.00 USD
EVGA X79 SLI 132-SE-E775- $250.00 USD

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