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EGC Server List

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EGC All Servers Event

Kick off this summer with Intel and EVGA for our beginning of summer gaming event! No more going to bed early or getting up early!  No…None of that!  You have many nights of around the clock gaming ahead of you! We are giving all sorts of things away including CPUs, Motherboards, SSDs and much more! Go ahead and invite your friends over for your very own gaming night, team up and maybe they will share if they win! Sign up any time on or after May 3rd, and then play on any of our game servers listed here anytime between May 17th and May 31st to qualify. Sign up is free and easy for any who wish to participate. Official gaming will begin on May 17th at 4PM Pacific and continue until May 31st , 11:59 PM Pacific. Anyone who signs up and plays any length of time during this time frame will be eligible to win a prize based upon length of time played.

This is not a competition or tournament. So jump in and have a great time fragging your friends from our great EVGA community!

To qualify for this event, you just need to sign up here with your Steam ID or BF3 Soldier Name, log in and start gaming anytime between May 17th after 4PM Pacific and May 31st before 11:59PM. Simple right?!? We hope this encourages you to continue to play on Team EVGA's gaming servers. Please visit the official EVGA Gaming site right before the event starts to see the full list of servers!

This is a global promotion and all are welcome to participate.

Sign Up now.


Prize List

Prize Level 3 – Play for at least TWO (2) hours or more on our game servers to qualify

Prize Level 2 – Play for at least ONE (1) hour on our game servers to qualify

Prize Level 1 – Play for any length of time on our game servers to qualify

All winners must email by 6/21/13 to claim their prize. Be sure your EVGA profile is up to date with the correct mailing address.


Servers Provided By:

Nuclear Fallout

Please visit the official EVGA Gaming site right before the event starts to see the full list of servers and instructions on how to connect to an event server!

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