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EVGA at PAX Prime 2012!

EVGA will be at PAX PRIME 2012 August 31st – September 2nd located at booth 6109. We will be displaying our latest hardware, including our Z77 motherboard!

We are coming with some really awesome prizes to kick up your gaming experience! We have several contests going on throughout PAX and many chances for you to win! Win what you ask? How about our BRAND NEW EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti or our EVGA Z77 Motherboard? There are many ways you can win so stop by booth 6109 for all the info.


PAX isn’t PAX unless you’ve got swag right? EVGA has some swag alright and an EVGA first ever! For the first time ever we have EVGA ladies shirts! So ladies, be on the lookout for updates from Cory about these exclusive shirts, they are the key for a really grand surprise! Not going to PAX but would still like to sport some EVGA gear? You can purchase it here at the EVGA Store!

Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank

Agent Tiny strikes again! We are bringing our popular fill in the blank comic contest back, where you make Agent Tiny say what you want him to. Agent Tiny always finds himself in situations of misunderstanding, including his attempts to overclock chickens and Oreos... Be sure you have your best 1337 speaking skills on deck! Pick up an info card at our booth for details on how you can win. Check out the prizes below for this contest!

We look forward to seeing you at PAX!

Don’t forget to follow Jacob, Joe and Cory for updates from the showroom floor!

Not going to PAX? Check out EVGA’s PAX Prime recap videos by following TEAM EVGA on Facebook.

Fill in the Blank Winners

Winners for the EVGA Fill in the Blank promotion have been contacted directly via the email address provided upon entering the promotion. All winners must reply back to this email from the email address given at the time of entering the promotion by September 21st, 2012 to claim their prize.

Most Creative

  1. Nothing to out of the ordinary today, why do you ask?
  2. Trying to see if I can meat up my computer so it doesn't fry to easily. But If it does, I get lunch.
  3. How so? Pigs are suppose to have great memory. So I figure itll work better than ever. Im not stupid
  4. And I told you....there's lunch :) hope you like your bacon EXTRA Crispy!

Gaming Lingo

  1. jU57 k00kIN' Up 50M3 84C0N.
  2. 4LR1gh7, 7H@ 5h0ulD D0 73H 7R1Ck.
  3. 7h12 9Uy R34lLy d0U871N9 7h3 4w350M3N332 0F 84c0n.
  4. 0k4Y, 50 73H b4C0n W45 0v3Rc00k3d. W4nn4 90 0U7 PH0r 4 b4C0N470r 0R 50m37h1N'?

Most Creative

  1. my calculations are bacon for reconfiguration. soon my porker 9000 will be complete!
  2. they said we couldnt do it! those porkers are wrong! the secret is in the pig sauce.
  3. if the pork is all its hammed up to be, why is he freak'n? not like its his Babe or Miss piggy
  4. extra jalepeno bacon is great on burgers, how was I to know the sauce would be my last squeel?

Gaming Lingo

  1. I am combining the two greatest this on the planet.
  2. These are 8 gigabyte DRRB strips of bacon.
  3. Hmm... orange juice in the liquid cooling...
  4. Well at least we still have our eye brows.

No pigs were hurt in the making of this comic.

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