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GTX 560 Product series

Super Cool

Introducing the EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease, the world's first thermal paste validated for extreme overclockers as well as everyday users. The high conductivity ensures maximum thermal transfer for the absolute lowest temperatures. It's not only about performance though, the EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease was voted easiest to install in a random survey that compared the top thermal pastes today!

EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease was tested and certified to be the best on the market by the one of the top overclockers in the industry; Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido:

EVGA Frostbite Features EVGA Frostbite Freezing Temperature EVGA Frostbite Spread Comparison
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Specs at a Glance


EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease

  • Part Number: M019-00-000003
  • Silver Content: Over 30%
  • Thermal Conductivity: 6.5w/m-k
  • Size: 2 Gram Syringe

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