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Show us your oldest, we'll give you our newest!

A generation of NVIDIA

EVGA wants to see the oldest, NVIDIA-based, EVGA graphics card you still have in your possession – the person with the oldest card will win a brand new EVGA GTX 590 Classified Limited Edition Graphics card! All you need to enter is a picture of the oldest, NVIDIA-based, EVGA graphics card you still currently own. On the picture, include a hand-written paper that includes your EVGA username, the date and “Back to the GTX 590 Promotion” written on it. Don’t hesitate to enter no matter how old your card is – you never know what the winning card might be!

  • Only the winning image will be shown publicly
  • Image must be a picture of an NVIDIA-based EVGA graphics card
  • Included within frame of the image must be a hand-written note with your EVGA username, the date you took the picture, as well as the name of this promotion: Back to the GTX 590
  • Blurry, or images that are indeciferable in any way will be disqualified

If there is a tie, we will put all those that have the same card into a random drawing to select a winner.

Winner: CSeifer

The winner must contact EVGA by 5/5/11 to claim the prize.

Terms and conditions:


Winning Card:

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