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EVGA Classified Super Record 2 (SR-2) Motherboard

We are proud to present the EVGA Classified SR-2, the absolute ultimate for the extreme user. It takes everything that made the X58 Classified 4-way SLI motherboard great and doubled it up. Now you can experience the ultimate in overclocked multithreaded performance by way of Dual 1366 sockets which allow for hyper-threaded Intel Xeon CPU’s to be combined together for massive amounts of workload to be spread across a multitude of processing threads.

When combined with compatible Intel 6 Core CPU’s, you create a massive system capable of up to 24 CPU threads of compute power. If you want future-proof, this is it!

We have literally created a new form factor to fit all the amazing things on one board. Whether you are an extreme gamer, overclocker, power user, workstation user, server admin, folder/cruncher, or just a PC enthusiast; this is the ultimate motherboard. This board will encode your movies, render your images, or even load your games faster than you ever thought possible.

Motherboard Features:

  • Supports Intel® Xeon® Dual QPI Socket 1366 Processors
  • Intel® 5520 Chipset
  • 12 DIMM Triple-Channel DDR3 1333MHz+ (up to 48GB)
  • Enthusiast Layout Supporting 2-way SLI, 3-way SLI, 4-way SLI or CrossFireX
  • 2 SATA III 6.0GB/s Ports, 6 SATA II 3.0GB/s Ports, 2
    E-SATA Ports
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000)
  • 8 Channel High Definition Audio
  • 2 USB 3.0/2.0 Ports, 10 USB 2.0 Ports (6 I/0, 4 Internal)
SR-2 Power Supply

Now meet the 1200W Super Record 2 (SR-2) Power Supply

In addition to the innovative EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard, EVGA will soon be offering the ultimate power solution. The EVGA Classified SR-2 Power Supply takes high performance power to the next level. Rated at 1200W, this baby can peak at over 1500W of output. With 6 +12v rails capable of putting out 38A a piece, it's clear why this is the ultimate of all power supplies.

  • Over 1500W Peak Power
  • 6 +12v rails rated at 38 amps each
  • Adjustable +12v Rail
  • Adjustable Fan speed
  • Perfect for the SR-2 Motherboard

More information coming soon... stay tuned for more details!

Size Comparison
EVGA Classified SR-2 (Super Record 2)
Part Number 270-WS-W555-A1
CPU Support Intel Socket 1366 (Xeon 5600/5500)
Chipset Intel 5520
Memory Support Dual or Triple Channel DDR3
SLI Support 2-way, 3-way, 4-way
SATA Header 8
SATA Type 2x600MB/sec / 6x300MB/sec
USB Ports 2x3.0 / 10x2.0
PCIE Slot 7 x PCIe x16/8
Integrated LAN 2 x 10/100/1000
Product Warranty Limited Lifetime upon registration

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