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EVGA EVGA Signature Series™ Video Cards
The Best and the Fastest. Period!

  • The fastest clocks on the market. Period!
  • Dedicated priority phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Priority email support via private email address
  • Front-of-the-Line Step-Up™ queue
  • 24-hour turnaround cross-shipment with freight-paid return label
  • Each Signature card fully tested with 3D Games / 3D Mark06 / Diagnostics to meet Signature's Premium specs
  • Signatures from the VP of Sales / IT Director / Lab Manager ensuring Premium Quality and Service
  • One-time FREE game from a selection of games in year 2006
  • "Signature Member" status on our Online Member Forums
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


EVGA KO Edition Video Cards

The new ACS³ design not only derives itself from the original asymmetrical fan design, but combines an eye to the cosmetic, large heat sinks like found in the earlier designs, heat pipes, and new materials technology to dissipate heat at a whole new level. With the release of the 7800 line of cards, and the market's requirement for smaller cooling solutions, it is now the perfect time to unveil the new ACS³. Based on our ACS³ technology, our e-GeForce 7800 GTX KO Edition is the only card in the marketplace that can operate at 490+/1300+ with real stability and confidence.

With EVGA's patented ACS³ cooling technology mated to one of our new 7800 GTX KO Edition cards, you can lower your core GPU temperatures by about 5°C to 7°C, and your memory temperatures by about 8°C to 10°C - creating an environment that is much better suited to high performance clocking.




The EVGA SUPERCLOCKED™ series of cards are a culmination of thousands of hours of torturous testing by our Lab Engineers to ensure that you get the absolute best bang for your buck. EVGA SUPERCLOCKED™ cards exemplify the high quality that you have come to expect from EVGA, right out of the box.

Born and bred from the EVTweak™ Initiative, SUPERCLOCKED™ is a pedigree that has proven itself time and time again to be second to none with the likes of CO SE, CO and the KO Editions of graphics cards that are unique to EVGA.

We are proud to release the e-GeForce SUPERCLOCKED™ graphics cards boasting the 3D graphics features of today's most advanced GPUs - including full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 and true high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting - the NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics processing unit (GPU) allows you to experience the latest gaming effects without compromising performance. The GeForce also brings stunning high-definition video and superb picture clarity requiring minimal CPU usage with NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology. For the performance and features you need to play the latest games and enjoy home-theater quality video, make sure your PC is equipped with an e-GeForce SUPERCLOCKED™ card.



EVGA CO Edition Video Cards

Another addition to EVGA's new EVTweak initiative, the CO Series with Copper Heatsink is the next installment of the company's innovative leap forward in VGA cooling design, delivering unparalleled horsepower harnessed under the hood of EVGA's custom and stylish all-Copper heat-sink fan.



EVGA EGS Video Cards

EVGA's Genuine Spec is a symbol of quality that provides assurance to consumers that the video card they buy is accurately and correctly designed to meet or exceed NVIDIA's actual and original design specification. By closely following the original design, without deviation, we ensure that the video card is built with the very best materials and components and performs exactly as NVIDIA's engineers envisioned.

We strive to follow NVIDIA's board design by paying close attention to the following details:

NVIDIA Bill of Materials (B.O.M.)

The Bill of Materials (B.O.M.) specifies all of the components, both active and passive that comprise the video card. Many manufacturers leave off as many components as they dare in an effort to cut costs - but this cuts quality as well, which is something you will never see in our Genuine Spec cards.

NVIDIA Approved Vendor List (A.V.L.)

The approved vendor list tells us which manufacturers are allowed to make each component that is specified in the B.O.M. Just like with the build of materials, many manufacturers will use lower quality component manufacturers in an effort to cut costs. With the EVGA Genuine Spec, the quality of every single component is our concern including the genuine NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).


Many times, manufacturers will re-layout a video card design, such as turning a 6 layer card design into a 4 layer card, in order to use less expensive materials. But such design changes allow signal noise to interfere with the video card's operation and weaken performance and threaten stability. With an EVGA Genuine Spec card, a 6 layer design stays a 6 layer design.

NVIDIA Clocks (Both Core and Memory)

We have seen a lot of cases where manufacturers have used slower and lesser performing memory parts on their cards in order to save money. But, in the process they destroy the performance of the card and ruin the user's experience. With an EVGA Genuine Spec card, your clocks will never dip below NVIDIA's numbers and your gaming experience will be everything it was meant to be.

Please look for the following Logo on all EVGA Geniune Spec products.

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