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The EVGA XR1 Capture Device allows you to share the world and stream with 4K Pass Through Mode - Record at 1080P/60FPS while you game at 4K/60FPS. Also features an Advanced Pass Through Mode that allows you to switch to 144Hz refresh rate + HDR with the press of a button. No need to disconnect or disable to get the full capabilities of your display!

For the Game streamer

Instantly capture and stream every moment every win of your game play.:


For the working professional

Connect a camera to set up web conference, meetings, lectures, or seminars for higher video quality.:


For the Power User

Connect multiple EVGA XR1 with connected cameras for multi angle broadcast.


Customizable ARGB LEDs

Show your audio levels, change colors and more with the press of a button.:


Built in Audio Mixer

Control your Mic-In volume with the built in controls, no need to exit your game or launch software!

Audio Mixer

Certified for OBS™

The EVGA XR1 is the FIRST device that is Certified for OBS™. OBS™ is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily.

Check out the OBS™ Certified Devices:

Plug and Play

ARGB lighting and No driver installation needed. Simply connect the XR1 and immediately start streaming with OBS™

Plug RGB

EVGA XR1 RGB Software

Fully customizable ARGB lighting with EVGA XR1 Capture Device Software

EVGA XR1 Video

“Thanks to the EVGA XR1, I’m able to deliver high quality video with clear audio on my livestream. It allows me to go full HD with 60FPS playback.”

- DJ Z-Trip

“My DJ Stream on Twitch focuses on high end graphics effects with multiple camera angles, and the EVGA XR1 was able to deliver full HD with 60 frames per second!”

- DJ Buck Rodgers

“I have been using EVGA products for years and now with the new XR1 my live streams are looking better than ever, and installation was a snap.”

- Arabian Prince

“The EVGA XR1 Capture Device has secretly been in use on our weekly streams for weeks without hiccups. We are using multiple EVGA XR1’s to bring in multiple camera angles, PC’s and more. Delivering full 1080P 60FPS gaming and video, and being Certified for OBS allows quick and easy installation!”

- EVGA Weekly


EVGA XR1 Capture Device

EVGA XR1 Capture Device



  • Interface: USB 3.0 Type-C
  • Video Input Interface: HDMI 2.0 (up to 4K@60fps)
  • Audio Input Interface: HDMI
  • Video Bypass: HDMI (up to 4K@60fps)
  • Video Resolution Input: 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080p / 1440p / 2160p@60fps
  • Video Resolution Pass Through: 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080p / 2160p@60fps
  • Video Resolution Advanced Pass Through(NO CAPTURE)*: 720p / 1080p / 1440p@120fps
    (* NOTE: Advanced Pass Through allows you to pass through your monitors native resolution and refresh rate, without having to disconnect the device. Note that there is no capture feature when in advanced pass through mode.)
  • Encode Resolution: Up to 1080p @ 60fps
  • Encode Format: RAW
  • Dimension: 130mm x 86.4mm x 32.95mm w/ Control Dial /130mm x 86.4mm x 24.15mm w/o Control Dial
  • Weight: 159g

  • Features

  • 1080p@60fps Video Capture
  • 1440p@120fps HDR Advanced Pass Through
  • 4K@60fps Pass Through
  • Built in Audio Mixer via Control Dial
  • Certified for OBS™


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