Inspiration doesn't wait. Neither should you.

NVIDIA RTX™ graphics cards power the creative applications you use every day. Whether you're creating online videos or feature-length films, animating and 3D modelling, designing graphics, or broadcasting games, now you can do more--and wait less.


video editing

Create your most compelling video more easily with NVIDIA RTX-accelerated editing and rendering.

Edit videos up to 8X faster than with integrated graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro using graphics acceleration.

Work natively with 8K RAW files on the timeline without pre-caching or generating proxies.

Create amazing 360-degree videos with the GPU-accelerated immersive editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

3d animation

Work in real-time with your 3D applications and animations.

Accelerated ray tracing in renderers let you review your lifelike graphics as you create.

Faster performance for traditional 3D rasterization means smoother, more fluid 3D animations and models in software such as Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and Unreal Engine.

NVIDIA SDKs give you dozens of real-time tools to enhance your animations, from visual effects and physics simulations to advanced rendering techniques.


Easily edit a large collection of ultra-resolution photos using native GPU acceleration.

Create stunning graphics in Adobe Photoshop much faster than with CPUs. Use Focus Mask to automatically separate in-focus areas of an image from the background. Make incredible images from video stills by taking advantage of fast, high-quality up-sampling. And add a sense of motion with GPU-accelerated effects like Path and Spin Blur.

Enjoy a smooth, stutter-free experience, every time, in Adobe Lightroom. NVIDIA RTX accelerates image rendering in Photo Grid view, Square Grid view, and Filmstrip--even when you're working on high-resolution 4K displays.

graphic design

NVIDIA RTX speeds up creation of 2D and 3D graphics designs.

Smoothly pan and zoom in Adobe Illustrator regardless of file size or display resolution.

Bring ultimate 3D graphics performance to your designs without having to wait hours for your render to finish.

Take advantage of over 30 features accelerated by NVIDIA RTX in Adobe Photoshop.

game broadcasting

Grow your livestream audience with high-quality graphics and stutter-free video.

NVIDIA RTX lets you stream to Twitch and YouTube Live at the highest quality.

Experience high FPS--with no stutters or dropped frames. Dedicated GPU-encoding hardware offloads the rest of your PC, keeping your game performance at its peak level.

Produce compelling stream content with real-time ray tracing support in new games like Battlefield V.

"Speed equates creativity to me and the GPU is a big part of that."

Chris Bobotis, Director of Immersive, Adobe

"I get excited and giddy when I get a new GPU. It's a new tool that allows me to push the art and scenes further."

Sabour Amirazodi, Creative Director and Visual Effects Producer, Seventh Dream

"I can pop the RTX GPU in my machine and don't have to think about technology. I just have to think about being creative and clients appreciate that."

Robbie Carman, Senior Colorist & Owner, DC Color

"My workflow demands heavy processing on a tight schedule, the new RTX card removes any post production bottleneck and frees me up to focus on the creative."

Lex Halaby, VR Director


RTX powers creativity

Accelerated Ray Tracing

Create the most beautiful and accurately lit renders faster than ever before with NVIDIA RTX and dedicated ray-tracing technology.

AI enhancements

Focus on your creativity and let Tensor Cores save you time by accelerating AI to boost quality and handle tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Blazing-fast video and image processing

Edit full-fidelity 8K RAW video without frame drops, pre-caching, or transcoding to low-res proxies. Take advantage of abundant graphics horsepower to create crystal-clear livestreams and accelerate time consuming image processing tasks.

Interactive Visualization

Experience fluid interactivity with large and complex 3D models and virtual reality experiences from the 50% performance improvement NVIDIA RTX delivers in raster performance over previous-generation GPUs.

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