EVGA GTX 400 Series High Flow Bracket

FREE* High Flow Bracket for all Registered EVGA GTX 470 and 480’s!

The EVGA High Flow Bracket can reduce temps by as much as 5 Degrees Celsius, and now is your chance to own this simple, yet effective upgrade!

To get your EVGA High Flow Bracket shipped out, please register your EVGA GTX 470 or 480, once you have done that, select the number of brackets you need on this page. You have one chance to request brackets. The bracket will ship to the address on your profile, you are responsible for the shipping fee. Also, although unlikely, please note that EVGA is not responsible for any physical damage done to the card during installation.

This promotion ends August 31st, the sooner you signup, the sooner you get your bracket!

  • You must have a 1470, 1472, 1480 or 1482 part registered to your account.
  • If you have more than one graphics card registered you will see a list. Please select the number of brackets you need.
  • You may only request brackets once
  • You are responsible for shipping and handling charges of $4.95 USD, whether 1 or more brackets.
  • Brackets through this promotion are free of charge.
  • Offer valid for US and Canada residents only.
  • Once shipping and handling have been paid, please allow 5-7 business days for the bracket(s) to ship.
  • Promotion ends August 31st, 2010



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* Shipping and handling not included

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