GTX285 Hydro Copper

EVGA GTX 285 - Now Cooler Than Ever!

EVGA is proud to announce the availability of the EVGA Hydro Copper Waterblock for the GTX 285 graphics card. With this product, EVGA continues to innovate and prove that they are the undisputed leader for water cooling solutions.
Featuring a sleek, full cover copper, design EVGA lives up to the Hydro Copper name by incorporating only the best attributes: an extreme high flow path design with a unique, integrated, pressure point allows the Hydro Copper Waterblock to keep your GTX 285 as cool as possible while under the heaviest of graphical loads.
Also included are 3/8in and 1/2in barbs which aid with the high flow interior of the Hydro Copper waterblock, all these features and more make the EVGA GTX 285 cooler than ever!
EVGA GTX 285 Hydro Copper Waterblock
Part Number 200-CU-HC85-B1
Fittings Supports 3/8'' & 1/2'' Systems
Fitting Config. Up to 4
Material Copper
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