Micro Center's PowerSpec System Offers EVGA's e-GeForce FX 5950 Graphics Card for PowerSpec 9420 Flagship Model.

Brea, California — December 1, 2003 — EVGA in conjunction with PowerSpec today announced its fastest model ever - the new $1,999 PowerSpec 9420 performance computer with AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor and the EVGA NVIDIA e-GeForce FX5950 Ultra graphics.

The PowerSpec 9420 comes standard with EVGA’s blazingly fast, top-of-the-line e-GeForce FX5950 Ultra graphics processor. “With a monstrous 256MB of video memory, and the NVIDIA CineFX 2.0 engine with NVIDIA UltraShadow technology, the PowerSpec 9420 delivers lighting fast, ultra-realistic visuals with no jagged edges at almost any resolution,” said Alatalo.

For more information on this graphics card by EVGA please visit EVGA's website.

For more information on this complete PowerSpec System you can read the full release here.

About EVGA

Founded in 1999, EVGA is privately held, and located in Brea, California. EVGA, a recognized leader in board level graphics card solutions available for system integrators, gaming enthusiasts, and workstations for businesses, government, education or healthcare institutions. EVGA sets itself apart from the other add-in board makers with its unprecedented customer service, quality control and assurance; resulting in one of the highest customer loyalty ratings in the industry. EVGA’s GeForce based graphics cards can be found at Best Buy, Office Depot, Micro Center, and many online e-tailors or purchased on the EVGA website. For more information, please visit http://www.evga.com.


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