Press Release #132

EVGA introduces the PD03 Zero Client for PCoIP

- July 24, 2012 — 

EVGA's PD03 is the right solution for any user looking to gain the best experience a zero client can offer. The EVGA PD03 is "a true zero client" providing the user with a small foot print design, low power consumption, centralized virus protection, OS versatility and full USB support.

Centralized computing is now a truly viable option for all user types, either locally via LAN or remotely via WAN. PCoIP broadcasts only the encrypted pixels not the data across the network to the client. This makes it possible for a stateless, decode only device, a true zero client.

Key Features introduced on the EVGA PD03 Zero Client:

* Imprivata OneSign Virtual Desktop Accessâ„¢
* Small foot print construction
* Newly Redesigned passive cooled chassis
* TAA Compliant models available
* Less than 15W power usage

Experience more with PCoIP here.

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