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EVGA's social network continues to grow. Get up to the minute updates and enter our contests for great prizes!

SO NET Links

  • Twitter: Continuous updates about EVGA software/hardware
  • Facebook: A great source for EVGA News and Information
  • YouTube: EVGA's home for video updates from our product team
  • Flickr: See awesome rigs and wallpapers from our creative community
  • Steam: Join our gaming community and pwn noobs with EVGA

Mods Rigs

$1k Sponsorships for every 200 posts. Come show off your rig and join in on one of the biggest things happening at EVGA.

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Latest $1k Winner

System Owner: nacurtis
System Name: Intimidation
System Link: View System
Confirmation Date: 7/16/2020

Top SLI Rig

Owner: GunslingerOCS
3D Mark 11: 48392

Top Single Card Rig

Owner: johnksss
3D Mark 11: 45734

EVGA Promotions

Check out all the latest contests, giveaways and games here at EVGA! Anyone can win some amazing prizes.

Ongoing promotions: Affiliate Rewards, Folding@Home

Affiliate Rewards Grand Prize

November 2014: EVGA 600B Bronze Power Supply

October's Winner: Stephenk291
Prize Date: 11/05/14
EVGA 600B Bronze Power Supply

EVGA Gaming

If you live to game, this is the place for you! We have the best tournaments, prizes and game servers.

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Join the community!

Come check out our brand new EGC web portal. With this new system, the EGC admins will be able to push information and news out to the community with record ease and not to mention a flashy page!


Distributed computing for the greater good. Did you know you could turn your graphics card into a shared super computer?

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Top EVGA Folding@Home Members

Points: 21,182,186,703
Work Units: 256,703

Points: 14,888,539,441
Work Units: 140,494

Points: 9,388,748,755
Work Units: 63,194

Points: 9,103,619,226
Work Units: 312,103

Points: 6,140,220,492
Work Units: 132,273

Points: 5,454,663,594
Work Units: 99,992

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