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EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW
EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW

Introducing the EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW

EVGA is now introducing the ultimate motherboard; The EVGA 790i SLI FTW; with 100% solid state capacitors, an 8-Phase Power design, and on-board all ferrite core chokes, enthusiast BIOS enhanced, Vdroop control and more, the EVGA 790i SLI FTW is the ultimate platform for the hardcore enthusiast. Just ask Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido, he was able to smash the current 3DMark06 World Record at an astounding 32,719 points.

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EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW:

  • Innovative chipset fan design directs airflow away from the graphics card.
  • Reach extreme overclocking speeds supporting 1600MHz FSB and beyond.
  • 8 phase power design for superb stability and performance.
  • Solid state capacitors and ferrite core chokes allow for better overclocking and stability.
  • Convenient layout with on-board Clear CMOS, Power, and Reset buttons.
  • Friendly system BIOS features with easy to use overclock and voltage settings.
  • Extreme DDR3 speeds of 2000MHz and beyond.

FREE: Special Edition EVGA Precision skin with registration.
Once your 790i FTW is registered, view the
"My Products" page to download.

Features and Benefits:

  • NVIDIA SLI certified
  • Intel socket 775
  • 45nm CPU ready (Yorkfield & Wolfdale)
  • 8 Phase power design
  • PCI Express 2.0 support
  • 2-Way and 3-Way SLI support
  • 9 SATA-2 ports with support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, JBOD
  • On-board buttons for CMOS/Power/Reset
  • HD Audio - 7.1 Channel
Power Phases Fan Design Vdroop Control Enthusiast BIOS Enhanced Solid State Capacitors Onboard Clear CMOS Onboard Power / Reset with LED Activity Core Chokes Dummy OC SATA Ports
EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW 8 Phase Innovative Sideways Exhaust Yes Yes 100% Solid State Yes Yes Ferrite Yes 9
Standard nForce 790i Ultra SLI 6 Phase Standard Design N/A N/A 15% Solid State
(The rest are Electrolytic Caps)
N/A N/A Iron N/A 7
nForce 790i SLI FTW
Part Number 132-YW-E179-A1
CPU Support Intel Socket 775
Chipset NVIDIA nForce 790i SLI Chipset
Memory Support DDR3 1066/1333/1600/2000 MHz
FSB Speed Supports 800/1066/1333/1600 Mhz
SATA Header 9
SATA Type 300MB/sec
USB Ports 10
PCIE Slot 3 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
Integrated LAN 2 x 10/100/1000
Product Warranty Limited Lifetime warranty
upon registration

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