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Why does the PCIe power adapter have two plugs at the end that plugs into the power supply?
PCIe power adapter connecter 
How do I test my power supply?
Which EVGA power supplies have ECO mode, and what does ECO mode do?
How can I check my power supply's 12v rail voltage in my motherboard's BIOS?
How to read 12V voltage 
Do you have a list of EVGA graphics cards that will work with the EVGA Hadron Air Case and built in power supply?
More information on the power supply in the Hadron Case 
ATX voltage tolerances
What are the power requirements for EVGA 600/700 series cards?
Power supply requirements for 600/700 series 
How can I check if my power supply is sufficient for my EVGA graphics card?
PSU sufficient rating  
What is the ECO Thermal Control System?
Description of the EVGA ECO Thermal Control System 
Which EVGA Modular Cables are compatible with my PSU?
Which Cables Are Comptible With My Power Supply? 
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