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Upon boot up of my computer, I get no video signal to my monitor and get only a black/blank screen. How can I resolve this?
Why does the PCIe power adapter have two plugs at the end that plugs into the power supply?
PCIe power adapter connecter 
Does water-cooling or installing a third party cooling solution on my video card void the warranty?
Where can I locate the serial number and part number of my EVGA product?
How do I set up RAID on my 680i, 780i, and 790i motherboard?
My motherboard displays a C1, C3, 68, 69, or C5 error upon boot.
Configuring bootable NVIDIA RAID array for a Windows XP/Windows XP 64-bit Edition installation
Configuring bootable NVIDIA RAID array for a Windows XP 32-bit/Windows XP 64-bit Edition installation 
I get an error code 25 on the LED readout of my motherboard when booting my system.
Motherboard POST code 25 
My front panel audio connections do not output any sound and/or my microphone does not work.
My BIOS settings on my 680i motherboards are being changed/reset on some boots/restarts.
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