What's the priority for the ports on my GTX 900 series video card?

Last Update: 2019/06/11

The  majority of our graphics cards have several display outputs available for use. Most of the GTX 900 Series and 10 Series will have three (3) DisplayPorts, one (1) HDMI, and one (1) DVI output.


In general, the port priority is as follows:

  1. DVI
  2. HDMI
  3. Display Port (middle)
  4. DisplayPort (far right)
  5. DisplayPort (far left)

GTX 900 Series and 10-Series:


Some older graphics card may have only four display outputs. Those cards would have two (2) DVI, one (1) HDMI, and one (1) DisplayPort. The port priority for those cards would be as follows:

  1. DVI-I
  2. DVI-D
  3. HDMI
  4. DisplayPort


For the RTX 20-series card, those no longer native include a DVI output among its display outputs. Most of the RTX 20-series wll have three (3) DisplayPorts, one (1) HDMI, and one (1) USB Type-C output.

The port priority is as follows:

  1. DisplayPort (far left)
  2. DisplayPort (far right)
  3. DisplayPort (bottom)
  4. HDMI
  5. USB Type-C


RTX 20-Series



Monitor initialization can also be affected by the monitor's EDID, which will affect this order accordingly.