Why is my TV out showing a black and white picture from my video card?

Last Update: 2008/03/23

Several reasons can cause a TV to show a black and white picture coming from a video card.  Too long of a cable, a cable is not plugged in all the way, drivers are not set up proerply, etc.

First, try using only the TV out on the video card.  Shut down the PC and disconnect the PC monitor.  Leave the TV out plugged in and turn on the machine.  The BIOS and normal boot up sequence should appear on the TV.  If it does and it is in color then the hardware is compatible and functioning properly.  If it doesn't then look into getting the cable replaced or testing with a different TV.

Next, shut down the PC connect the PC monitor back to the video card.  Turn it back on and boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" for Windows.  You will need to press the F8 key on the keyboard to get to the Window boot menu.  Once in, go to www.evga.com/support/drivers and download the latest display drivers for your video card.  Install them during Safe Mode and restart the PC.

When the PC starts back up you should be prompted to configure the TV using the NVIDIA Televsion Setup Wizard.


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