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EVGA 90 Day Step-Up Program

EVGA Approved Participating System Builder Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the EVGA Step-Up® Program for system builders. In order to support customers with the greatest amount of flexibility when purchasing EVGA video cards as part of a system, EVGA instituted the first of its kind, Step-Up® Program. Participants will be allowed, for one time only, to trade in their existing EVGA video card and upgrade for the price difference to the newest and greatest currently available.

By using EVGA's Website and its services, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. We may update and modify these Terms of Use from time to time. If you continue to use the site after the posting of our modifications, you agree to the modifications. If you object to any terms and conditions of the Terms of Use at anytime, you should immediately discontinue use of the site.

Use of the Step-Up® program with cards purchased as part of a complete computer system is limited to those systems purchased from an Approved Participating System Builder. If you are a system builder and are not currently a participating vendor for the Step-Up® program, please review the terms and conditions carefully to see if you are eligible to participate.

  1. Rules
    • In order for system builders to offer their customers the advantages of the Step-Up® program, they must be an approved system vendor of EVGA. If you have not applied please do so by filling out the information requested.
    • Ship only your video card back to EVGA when using the Step-Up® program.
    • Your card's value for the Step-Up® program is equal to the retail value from the public site.
    • Step-Up® Program is available to approved system builders of EVGA who purchased their system on or after FEB 1, 2004, and is within 90 days of their purchase date (based on their invoice).
    • The duration of the EVGA Step-Up® program is limited to 90 days after the date of purchase shown on the invoice.
    • The Step-Up® program can't be used with any other offers or promotions.
    • Advertisement: EVGA requires that you advertise and promote the Step-Up® program at your:
      • Online stores
        • Add an EVGA Step-Up® logo on the front page of your website linking to
      • Retail stores
        • Have a Step-Up® poster or some form of literature near EVGA products and systems using EVGA cards.
        • Place Step-Up®/Registration information at POS locations.
  2. How It Works
    • Participants in the EVGA Step-Up® Program are entitled to exercise one (1) upgrade event during the span of the program, per eligible graphics card.
    • The participant's trade-in video graphics adapter must be fully functional and be in resalable condition.
    • Only the video card is required back from EVGA to be eligible to Step-Up®. When your customer submits their application to take advantage of the Step-Up® Program, they will be required to select and purchase an upgrade video card at that time. Your customers purchase price will be reduced by the amount equal to the original purchase price of the graphics card that they are trading in. Because this value is initially entered by your customer, it will be subject to review by EVGA - which may elect to add or remove additional charges based on the accuracy of the original application.
    • After your customer has applied, selected their upgrade card, and made the upgrade purchase; your customer will need to fax or email their original invoice or receipt to EVGA. Your customer will also need to ship their old video card to EVGA at this time.
    • After EVGA confirms your customer's application information against their faxed or emailed invoice, and receives their old video card, we will ship out their new graphics card.
    • EVGA retains the right to revoke or revise the EVGA Step-Up® service at will. If this action is taken, participants shall be informed through the EVGA website within 15 days prior to any such change.
    • Those who qualify for the Step-Up® Program will be required to ship their old graphics card before EVGA will issue the upgrade video card. EVGA does not offer any form of cross-shipping.
  3. Termination of Access
    • You agree that we may terminate or suspend your membership as a system builder to EVGA for any reason without your prior consent. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activities are possible grounds for termination. Neither EVGA, nor any of its employees shall be liable to you or any third party for the termination of your membership or any claims related to the termination of your membership.
  4. Linking to EVGA
    Please read and comply with the following information. A site that links to EVGA's Website:
    • May link to, but not replicate, EVGA's content.
    • Should not create a browser or border environment around EVGA's content.
    • Should not imply that EVGA is endorsing it or its products or services.
    • Should not misrepresent its relationship with EVGA.
    • Should not present false information about EVGA's contents, products, or services.
    • Should not use the EVGA logo without written permission from EVGA.
    • Should contain only content that is appropriate for all age groups; should not contain content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive or controversial.
  5. Limitation of Liability
    EVGA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or relating to this agreement, resulting from the use or inability to use the site, messages received, products, services purchased or resulting from unauthorized access to or alteration of user's transmissions of data, even if EVGA has been advised of the possibility.

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