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EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX13 140mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR Warranty, 400-HY-CL28-V1

*Actual fansink and card may vary.

*Accessories shown in the images above are subject to change without notice.

P/N: 400-HY-CL28-V1

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MODS RIGS Builds With This Product

  • Premium Retention parts for Intel LGA20XX/1200/115X/1366 and upcoming variants
  • AMD retention ring for supporting AM2/AM3/AM4/FM1/FM2/TR4 and upcoming variants
  • Material: 100% Copper
  • LED: Fully controllable RGB LED
  • Pump Noise Level: 20dB(A) (MAX)
  • Size: 312mm x 139mm x 27mm (LxWxH)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm (x2)
  • Bearing: Teflon Nano Bearing
  • Speed: 600-2200RPM
  • Airflow: 113.50 CFM (MAX)
  • Static Pressure: 4.20 mmAq (MAX)
  • Noise Level: 16.0 dB(A) (MIN) – 39.5 dB(A) (MAX)
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

All-in-one cooling solution that is completely self-contained. No filling, no custom tubing, no maintenance. Just plug and play.

Intelligent wiring system and sleeved tubing makes this one sleek cooler without the messy wires.

Copper base provides maximum heat transfer.

Built in 280mm radiator and 2x 140mm fans help dissipate the heat keeping the CPU as cool as possible. Fan can also be swapped or customized.

Compatible with current and future Intel and AMD sockets.

Teflon Nano Bearing in the fans reduce noise and increase lifespan, while the curved housing improves air flow through the radiator to limit vibration and noise.

Variable controlled fans allow dynamic fan speed based on CPU temperature, and the water cooling efficiency means the fans can operate at a lower speed to reduce noise.

Awards of the EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX13 140mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR Warranty, 400-HY-CL28-V1 (400-HY-CL28-V1)



EVGA’s first attempt at an AIO is remarkably strong; they’ve come out swinging with the CLC series, outranking NZXT in noise levels just barely, and performing with a slight advantage in some cooling tests.


In GTA5 which is a CPU heavy game, with all the draw distance maxed out the temps stayed well within check. Upper 40s package temp, and the cores in low to mid 40's...


EVGA’s 280 CLC is an excellent no-compromise all-in-one quiet cooler for a reasonable price considering its build, ease of installation, and all-inclusive package. It is well-deserving of our “Editor’s Choice” award and it easily cools our own overclocked hot-running Skylake i7-6700K to 4.7GHz. Highly recommended!


They designed a unique all in one unit with more control, a clean look, and their own fan design as well. The sleeved tubing, RGB lighting for the logo, and the overall waterblock look all together gives it a great style that should look good in just about any build. You can turn off the lighting if you want or set it to match your build.


What surprised us most though was that at the "low" setting, the CL28 was able to hold a 4.7GHz overclock whilst at the same time being, to all intents and purposes totally silent.


The large 280mm radiator, combined with dual 140mm fans and a latest-generation Asetek pump combine to deliver the best out-the-box cooling performance from any all-in-one solution we've tested.


The performance is first rate and approached a couple of triple radiator kits performance and did it for under $130.
Funky Kit


Whether you're a modder, enthusiast or just your occasional overclocker... you have to put the EVGA CLC 280 Liquid CPU cooler on the top of your shopping list!
Toms Hardware


EVGA’s CLC 280 combines tried-and-true cooler technology with high-speed fans to produce the ultimate-cooling 2x 140mm system

Compatibility of the EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX13 140mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR Warranty, 400-HY-CL28-V1 (400-HY-CL28-V1)

For Support on this product, please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-881-EVGA (3842).

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