EVGA 24/7 Tech Support

EVGA’s 24/7 Customer Support

EVGA customer support has been offering 24/7 guidance and aid across the U.S. since 2005. Our associates here are gamers, overclockers, system builders, and overall enthusiasts. This is why we can relate better with our customers. We know when new drivers, patches, updates, and new games release. We get them the same day and play them just like our customers. All EVGA Support Agents have real hands on experience with EVGA products and stay up to date with new technology as it comes out.

  • We request feedback and ask for comments, not just to hear complaints, but to help improve our service as a TEAM.
  • Have an elite team of specialists that not only know the products, but use them as well.
  • EVGA’s average phone answering time is less than 3 minutes, and our advanced queuing phone system will even allow you to leave a message and one of our Customer Service associates will call you back.
  • Email support and follow up with all email requests with turn a around time averaging less than 24 hours.
  • An advanced email tracking system allows the customer to inquire about the product in question with out having to repeat one’s self each and every time.
  • Offers one of the only forums out there moderated by EVGA Support Agents that provide help and support aside from our 24/7 customer support services. EVGA forums offer constructive thinking with helping in any relation to the customer’s comments or questions.

In conclusion, EVGA strives to show the customer that we mean business in all aspects of support with multiple features to help assure that the EVGA product in the box, on the shelf, and at the store, is packed with more than just another computer component, but a wide variety of services, support, promotions, and trust that the customer will have a community to share in.

Here for you, Day or Night

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