EVGA is announcing the following NEW SKUs to its 7900 Series of products.

7900 GTX Series

"New" Part Number Existing Part Number
512-P2-N571-AR 512-P2-N570-AX
512-P2-N572-AR 512-P2-N570-AX

7900 GT Series

"New" Part Number Existing Part Number
256-P2-N580-AR/BR 256-P2-N560-AX/BX/DX
256-P2-N582-AR/BR 256-P2-N562-AX/BX/DX
256-P2-N583-AR/BR 256-P2-N563-AX/BX/DX
256-P2-N584-AR/BR 256-P2-N564-AX/BX/DX/FX


EVGA has been working out the new SKUs to resolve the issues that some users are experiencing with artifacting during 3DMark06 and random games; we have been manufacturing new cards based on a new AVL list.

Here are the details on the new 7900 cards:

  • "New" AVL Memory (Approved Vendor List)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Test results are extremely positive

If you are an EVGA user that is experiencing artifacting with your 7900 Series products we ask that you submit for an RMA through our website directly. If you are not experiencing artifacting then there is no need for you to submit for an RMA, the number of cards that are having this issue is very low in comparison to the number of 7900 Series of cards that have shipped.

Please allow 2-3 business days turnaround once your product has arrived. These boards will be shipped via UPS in the US, and via USPS Express for Canada.

Please visit www.evga.com/rma/ and go through the RMA procedure to apply for this new card.


Q. Will online retailers have these new cards as well?
A. Yes online retailers will be carrying the new SKU's.

Q. My card is not listed, what do I do?
A. If your card is not listed; please stay tuned as we will have more information in the days to come regarding the other 7900 Series of cards. Our resolution will not disappoint, please stay tuned for further announcements.

Q. Are the -AR and BR cards still covered under the EVGA Limited lifetime warranty?
A. Yes, these cards are also covered under EVGA's limited lifetime warranty. The AR and BR represent the packaging type and that the cards are RoHS compliant.

Q. I have a pending RMA for one of the above cards; will I get the N58X series?
A. Yes, all cards that are pending RMA are being switched over to the new 7900 cards.

Q. Should I re-install my video drivers when installing my new N58X/N571/N572?
A. Yes, it is recommended to completely remove your current display drivers and installing the 91.31 WHQL certified drivers.

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