Brett Mitchell





My interest in art began at a very young age. Comic books were what hooked me and I spent many hours copying artists like Jack Kirby, Jim Lee and Todd Mcfarlane. As I got older I began to study the more classical painters and became heavily influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque movements. Sprinkle in some Frazetta, Royo, and Vallejo and you can basically sum up all of my artistic influences.

I enrolled in art school as a traditional painter/illustrator and discovered digital painting in my junior year. The freedom which the digital medium provides an artist was breathtaking and I have ever since been working almost exclusively on a computer.

Throughout all of this I have remained an avid gamer. I tend to play and enjoy many different types and styles of games, but I mainly play first person shooters and third person action games.

Aside from art and games, my other passion is literature. Reading has been a love of mine for many years and has been integral in my growth as an artist. Fantasy and Science Fiction are my mainstays.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of the gaming industry. It really is a dream come true.

Industry experience:
Cryptozoic Entertainment - 3012 TCG
Blizzard - WoW TCG
Victory Point Games