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Design Your Perfect EVGA Themed Wallpaper

Now is the chance to show off your potential by designing an EVGA themed wallpaper! Not only do you have the chance to show off your skills to the entire EVGA community, but you have the chance to win some great prizes! All images in the contest will be listed on our Flickr page under "11th Anniversary Wallpapers". Be sure to comment on the ones you like!

Your wallpaper can simply show off our logo, or you can find a specific product to feature. All wallpapers will be judged together regardless of the theme chosen (logo/brand or product). You can find high resolution files for our logo and products in our marketing section.

Last year's winner is featured in the header image. You can find the original files on Flickr.

  • First Place First Place
  • Second Place Second Place
  • Third Place Third place tie Third place tie

Third place was tied! All four winners must email webmaster@evga.com by 9/1/10 to claim their prize.

Because the entries this year were so good, we decided that the finalists that did not place will receive one of the newly-designed EVGA Gaming T-shirts as a consolation prize! All owners of the following wallpapers - fantastic job! Email webmaster@evga.com to claim your new shirt.


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