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Last Update : 2010/06/04
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Question / Issue
My motherboard goes straight to FF from boot without any video or beeps.

Answer / Solution

In this context when it goes straight to FF and does not beep or cycle through any other codes, it will be similar to the “- -“ error on eVGA motherboards and you will need to trouble shoot it the same way. Make sure both the 24 pin ATX and the 4 or 8** pin CPU power connectors* are properly connected. Clear the bios manually by removing the battery for 5 – 10 minutes. Cycle the ram in the primary DIMM one by one, remount the CPU and remove all peripherals from the system. If the issue persists take the board out of the case and put it on the plastic clamshell and boot it outside of the case to ensure it is not an issue with a grounding or short circuit. If it persists, try a different psu or cpu if possible.

*Many PSU feature two types of 8 pin plugs, A PCIE 8 pin connector and an 8 pin eATX cable. We strongly encourage to review the specifications and reach out to the power supply manufacture for assistance and clarification.

**x58 based motherboards requires 8 pin connection. Do not use a 4 to 8 pin connector on these motherboard.

UPDATE: we also have an instructional video that will assist visually and augment the suggestions provided in this guide

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