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When do I need to provide my receipt or invoice? Also, how do I upload a copy of my purchase invoice or receipt for RMA, EAR, and Step-Up?
Invoice Upload JPEG/PDF How To
Why does my EVGA graphics card run hot?
Upon boot up of my computer, I get no video signal to my monitor and get only a black/blank screen. How can I resolve this?
What Chassis/Cases are compatible with the Classified SR-2 Board?
What cases are compatible with the w555?
Why does the PCIe power adapter have two plugs at the end that plugs into the power supply?
PCIe power adapter connecter
How Do I Enable or Disable HDMI Audio in Windows If I Am Using an HDMI Connection Between My Nvidia Video Card or Motherboard and My Monitor?
Enabling/Disabling HDMI Audio through Nvidia Control Panel
My computer hangs, freezes or becomes jumpy after installing drivers for my 400/500/600/700 Series Nvidia GeForce card.
Where do I plug in the SPDIF from my EVGA GeForce graphics card to my EVGA motherboard?
Where can I find a list of compatible memory for my EVGA motherboard?
Does water-cooling or installing a third party cooling solution on my video card void the warranty?
What cases have 10 slots or more for the EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI motherboard
X58 Classified 4-Way SLI
My motherboard goes straight to FF from boot without any video or beeps.
Does overclocking void my warranty?
What is AHCI and how does it differ from SATA IDE Compatibility Mode? What EVGA Products have limited support for AHCI?
All about AHCI...
When I boot my 680i, 750i, 780i, 790i motherboard I get no video and the LED reads two dashes (--). What does this mean?
Instant FF post code Troubleshooting guide and video
Configuring bootable NVIDIA RAID array for a Windows XP/Windows XP 64-bit Edition installation
Configuring bootable NVIDIA RAID array for a Windows XP 32-bit/Windows XP 64-bit Edition installation
How do I set up RAID on my 680i, 780i, and 790i motherboard?
What are the power requirements of an EVGA 200 series graphics card?
GeForce 200 series power requirements
Where can I find a list of POST codes for my motherboard?
What are the power requirements of an EVGA 9 series graphics card?
9 series power requirements
My BIOS settings on my 680i motherboards are being changed/reset on some boots/restarts.
What speeds does my X79 PCIe slots run at?
X79 PCIe slot assignments
I installed 4GB of RAM in my system but Windows is reporting less, i.e. 2.5GB or 2.75GB.
4GB RAM reporting less windows
Will an AGP 8X graphics card work in a motherboard which only supports up to AGP 4X mode?

Recently Added FAQs
Common questions about the EVGA Displayport Hub
Common Displayport Hub questions
What EVGA video cards support 3840x2560 @60hz with Displayport 1.2
3840x2560 @60Hz support
I get an EVGA Bluetooth error on startup message, how do I stop from getting this?
My computer does not go to sleep, or doesn't come out of sleep mode.
sleep state issues
When I try to install the Nvidia drivers, I get the message, “Install failed” or “Install Failed, could not find compatible graphics hardware".
My Displayport Hub does not work with my Microsoft Surface Pro 2.
I have a z77/z87/z97 Stinger motherboard, and I'm getting a POST code 55. What could cause this?
Which EVGA power supplies have ECO mode, and what does ECO mode do?
What are the 5 LEDs on my GTX 780Ti Classified or KINGPIN edition for?
How can I get a copy of my Newegg invoice and upload it to my EVGA account?
The DisplayLink icon dissapeared, or my displays connected to my UV39+ no longer show an image. I tried reinstalling the drivers, but it didn't help.
How to install software and drivers for the UV39+.
What operating systems support the UV39+?
Installing The Cover For The Tegra Note 7
This FAQ covers how to install cover for the Tegra Note 7
Operating the Tegra Note 7 with Talkback Function enabled.
What HD resolutions and refresh rates are supported with my Geforce 600 or 700 series graphics card?
What is the friction coefficient of the TORQ mouse?
How do I change or remove the weights in my TORQ X10 mouse?
How to remove the cover from TORQ mouse
Z87 and Z97 PCIe lane breakdown
z97 and z97 PCIe lanes breakdown
How do I do a Factory Reset of my Tegra Note 7?
Tegra Note 7 factory reset
How to flash my EVBot?
How to flash the EVBot Accessory
How do I display a link to my Mods Rigs system under my EVGA forum avatar?
How to Enable Mods Rigs Avatar Link
Hadron Air / Hadron Hydro FAQ
Hadron Air / Hadron Hydro FAQ
On my x79 Classified motherboard, what is the row of pins between the 24 pin power connector and the SATA ports for?
I am getting the error on my Tegra Note: "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped working", and I cannot access Settings.

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