The EVGA Difference is More than Just Great Hardware

Did you know that in addition to award winning hardware, EVGA also has award winning software? Try it out free for yourself below!

EVGA Precision X

  • Overclock and adjust your graphics cards fanspeed, from within Windows!
  • Allows up to 10 profiles, and ability to assign hotkeys to these profiles to allow in-game
  • Real-Time on-screen display support for ingame temp, framerate, and clock monitoring
  • Logitech Keyboard LCD Display support
  • Ability to choose different skins, and make your own!

EVGA Precision X Mobile

  • Full software control suite for your EVGA Laptop
  • Monitor temps of your CPU and GPU
  • Overclock your CPU and GPU
  • Control the LEDs on the lid and the backlighting on the keyboard
  • Manage your screenshots
  • Save and edit overclock/underclock profiles

EVGA OC Scanner X

  • Built-in stress tester to find and report artifacts
  • Benchmark function to quickly test your performance
  • GPU vitals show clock speeds and temperatures
  • Customizable background image, fur color texture and OSD color


  • Real-time monitoring of CPU, Memory, QPI frequencies and voltages
  • Real-time adjustments of QPI Base Clocks, CPU Multiplier and PCIe Bus Frequencies