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Hadron Air Combo

Considering getting a new Hadron Air Case for that mini ITX build you have been wanting to do but just haven't buckled down to do it? Well here is that extra push you have been waiting for!

PrecisionX 15™ Promotion

PrecisionX 15™ is now available! To celebrate we are going to be giving out a pretty impressive set of prizes!

EVGA 15th Anniversary Event

Ahoy mateys! Our anniversary be here, and we'd like ta celebrate with all o' you since ye all make it possible for us ta be here. What better way ta thank ye all than ta give out an abundance o' prizes from EVGA and our fantastic sponsors?!

Become an EVGA affiliate

As a special promotion, throughout the month of July we are going to be giving ALL Power Supplies TRIPLE reward bucks.

Watch Dogs

In a world of smart technology, you need smarter weaponry–GeForce GTX graphics cards. Get Watch Dogs when you purchase EVGA GeForce GTX.

Rise of the Triad™

Bigger, better and more ludicrous than ever before, the EVGA exclusive Rise of the Triad™ bundle has just launched!

Free Extended Warranty

Looking to purchase an EVGA SuperNOVA Power Supply? Here's another reason to: EVGA is offering a FREE Extended Warranty upgrade on select models!

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