Are you an avid PC gamer? Looking for a fun part-time or full-time job helping people with computers? Looking for a great opportunity in the technical field?

EVGA is looking for skilled, motivated individuals with an enthusiast love of gaming and the gaming community to take part in our fast paced technical phone support department. Our in-house and VOIP reps must have advanced knowledge of motherboards and graphics specifications, a good understanding of all Windows based operating systems and hands on experience of PC hardware troubleshooting and repair. Reps will need to have excellent technical support and customer service skills as well as a positive attitude and the ability to excel in an extremely fast-paced environment.

EVGA is hiring representatives to support our customers with a first line of tech support assistance. We are looking for people with an advanced knowledge of computer hardware that are looking to earn some extra money by helping others with that knowledge. Please apply below if you are interested in this position.

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In-House is internal full-time Tech Support at our offices in Brea, CA. VOIP is working from home part or full-time over your internet connection.

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The EVGA Customer Service department is a 24/7 operation. Please list your available start date as well as the hours you are available to work.

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