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Latest X58 Classified Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
8/11/2009 dave303 4/5 Packaging was a nice plus when I received it in the mail to review. Box was made to last and hold up to use. The box is easier to use to hold the board as you add the, processor, heat sink and ram before you place it into the case.
I used the 920 processor with Zalman 9500 Cooler, 12gigs of ram, 9800gtx Evga video card, 500Gig HDD, DVD burner , 750W PSU. Windows 7 Beta 64bit.
System stayed cooled even during some long War hammer games (dawn of war and expansions). City of hero ran like it always does, High GFX and one of the fast loads for people in the game. Chip set cooler looks a lot better than the one on the X58 SLi and 790 boards I own.
Over all the board preformed great, like some of the added features over the X58 X3 SLI. My typical games ran well, Windows 7 worked with little need for support.
Latest NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
11/16/2009 kecheme 5/5 The product was great. I would buy one if I had the extra cash. ELP rocks.
Latest Killer Xeno Pro Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
10/8/2009 Thosesneakyfrench 1/5 Could not get it to work with 2 computers, nothing but problems.
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    Program 1
  • EVGA Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Card

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    Program 2
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Glasses
  • 22" Samsung 120Hz Monitor

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    Program 3
  • EVGA X58 Classified Limited Edition Motherboard
  • CPU, RAM and other parts NOT included

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