To celebrate 10 great years of improved gaming, EVGA Gaming will be hosting a very special Team Fortress 2 event for all the great pub players who make our servers some of the most popular gaming locations around.

On Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th EVGA will be doubling its public TF2 servers and running a weekend long prize giveaway! Signup and participation is free and easy for any who wishes to participate.

This is not a competition or tournament, merely a chance for regular gamers to come out and play your hearts out for some great gaming goods. All prizes will be raffled off over the course of the weekend!

To qualify for this event, you just need to signup here with your Username and Steam ID. Just login and play, it's that easy! We hope you have fun and continue to make our wonderful gaming community as great as its always been. Please visit this page close to the event to see the full list of servers.



Email webmaster@evga.com if you are a winner!

2x Each of the following available:

josephvarga & pink_girl
VashTHT & katspajamas
syncc & btrickey
Gugurijo & gunslinger_100
jcantlin & kelvin18574
0322 & shift_nismo
~TheDude~ & lkelly92

5x Each of the following available:

omgspoon, thefugitive108, Cheesecakes, P0574L, StarCraft001
sunburstX, turnuptheac, zeplar, bemeseed, Cook1eMan
HitokiriZ, sephiroth8748, Disc0Fever, LeeTKaN, Thatsnasty
**If you don’t know what your Steam ID is, just log into Team Fortress 2, and type “status” in the developers console (~). Make sure you have the console enabled in your options menu**

Stats Pages:

NFO Servers: http://evga1.stats-ps3.nfoservers.com/index.php

Special thanks to NFO servers for sponsoring this event!


HLstats for Payload: http://evga.hlstatsx.com/?mode=players&game=tf

Current EVGA Gaming Team Fortress 2 Servers:

Payload -
Arena -

EVGA Gaming Ventrilo:


If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming event, please post here:


Visit the EVGA Gaming website at:


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