Bought an EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop or EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop and need a great way to carry it around? Now is your chance to get a FREE EVGA Backpack while supplies last! This backpack is perfect for fitting the 17” EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop, as well as pockets for the power adapter, mice, or any other accessories that you need to carry! Not to mention the leather EVGA logo shows you have one of the most powerful gaming laptops available today!


  • Optimized for fitting the EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop and Accessories
  • Headphone Slot with cable port
  • Leather EVGA Logo
  • Convenient zipper pouches for storage
  • Dimensions: 48cm x 37cm x 16cm (19in x 14.6in x 6.3in)

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  • Purchase an EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop - Part # 758-21-2633-T1 or 758-41-2633-T1 (or -T2, -T3, -T5 models)
  • Register your EVGA SC17 Gaming Laptop with us at EVGA.com
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