See EVGA at QuakeCon 2010

Enter for your chance to win an EVGA P55

Welcome QuakeCon 2010 attendees! Thanks for visiting EVGA at the NVIDIA booth this year at QuakeCon, we hope you had a great time. As a thanks for coming out to see us, you will have the chance to purchase a P55 motherboard for 10% off in our online store.

In addition, by filling out the form below, you will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes! Winners will be selected on Wednesday 8/18/10 by 12PM - you will have until Tuesday 8/17/10 to enter. Good luck!


  • 5 x Intel Core i5 655K Processors - $220
  • 1 x EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard - $200
  • 1 x EVGA P55 Motherboard - $170
  • 1 x EVGA P55 Micro Motherboard - $150

Winners have been selected and emailed directly by EVGA. All winners have 14 days to reply to the email to claim their prize.


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