Hydro Copper Waterblock for GTX780 Classified

P/N: 400-CU-G780-B2


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*Important Note*EVGA GTX 780 Classified backplate (sold separately) recommended for proper installation. You can purchase the backplate here.

Upon first glance you will notice this is no ordinary water block, this is a full cover- end to end block, with illuminated EVGA logo on the side. The innovation does not stop at stability and appearance however; the base plate is made of chrome plated electrolytic C110 copper, and the 0.25mm x 0.35mm thin pin matrix provides optimal thermal transfer to ensure the lowest temperatures possible.
Compatible with GTX 780 Classified ONLY.

Key Features

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    • Superior Full Copper Desgin
    • Created from a solid copper block, this choice of material allows for extreme thermal conductivity, thus providing the best thermal performance available for liquid cooling.
    • Integrated Internal Pressure Points
    • High Flow Liquid Desgin
    • Internal high flow liquid paths allow for coolant to get in and get heat out as quickly and as effeciently as possible.
    • Glowing EVGA Logo
    • Full Component Coverage
    • Chrome Plated Electrolytic C110 Copper

Awards of the Hydro Copper Waterblock for GTX780 Classified (400-CU-G780-B2)

Now that the Hydro Copper Waterblock is installed, I’ve been able to get the GPU core speed up to 1436 MHz; and the memory now overclocks to 1802 MHz (7208 MHz Quad Pumped).

Customer Reviews of the Hydro Copper Waterblock for GTX780 Classified (400-CU-G780-B2)

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Compatibility of the Hydro Copper Waterblock for GTX780 Classified (400-CU-G780-B2)

P/NDescriptionProduct Image
03G-P4-3788-KREVGA GeForce GTX 780 Dual Classified w/ EVGA ACX Cooler

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